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... as long as Janina Fialkowska performs, Rubinstein won't be forgotten.

Memminger Zeitung, 29 November, 2016 by Hans Baumgärtner



… an evening of the most sublime and tasteful music-making imaginable…, 26 October 2016, by David Richards



Her playing is vibrant, daring, intellectually curious and continuously evolving … Listening to Fialkowska play Chopin is like watching an embrace between old friends …There is something very soulful and honest about her artistry; with everything coming from a place of integrity.

Ottawa Citizen, 30 July, 2016, by Natasha Gauthier



… one of the Grandes Dames of piano playing

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 1 July 2015, by Malte Hemmerich



... Janina Fialkowska is a national treasure ...

The Toronto Star, Feb 6, 2013, by David Macfarlane



… Janina Fialkowska is an international treasure …

The Toronto Star, May 1, 2012, by John Terauds



… she is an interpreter of sublime inspiration …
a musician of extraordinary sensibility and captivating, artless purity …

The Telegraph (London), July 4, 2015, by Ivan Hewett



She combines nobility, elegance and a sense of style and all of that always very warmhearted.

Rheinische Post (Düsseldorf, Germany), August 10, 2015, by Wolfram Goertz



Indeed, lesser mortals may well weep with envy at such unfaltering authority.
She has done her one time mentor, Arthur Rubinstein, proud.

Gramophone August 2010, by Bryce Morrison



It is no wonder she is called Canada´s First Lady of Chopin., 2012 by Robert Cummings



... Fialkowska was always one of those "best-kept secret" pianists, loved by connoisseurs for her tonal refinement and exquisite musical taste ... the playing is sheer bliss …

The Sunday Times (London) May 16th, 2010, by Hugh Canning



… striking a perfect balance of head and heart …

National Post, June 14, 2013, by Arthur Kaptainis



… a true sensation and should convince, if not overwhelm, the last skeptic of the human magic of her playing due to the outstanding musicality, the incredible pianistic profile and the unique charm of this exceptional pianist …

Steroplay (Germany), August 2010, by Attila Csampai



.. an unusual testimony of the art of perfect pianism …

Sueddeutsche Zeitung (Munich), January 14th, 2010, by Joachim Kaiser



Janina Fialkowska is one of Canada’s finest gifts to the international piano world

Ottawa Citizen, August 5, 2012, by Richard Todd



… she had mobilized every virtuosic brilliance imaginable and what one thinks one has heard before appears under Fialkowska’s hands as a completely new work, essential with every note, which shows how modern prideful virtuoso could learn from the human and artistic greatness of this veritable piano master …

NWZ (Germany), Sept. 3, 2012 by Werner Matthes



… this is one classy pianist, who renders the stratified categories of good-better-best not only simplistic but irrelevant …

BBC Music Magazine, March 1 2014, by Jeremy Siepmann



... her return to the concert platform is so gratifying as to make her seem like a brilliant newcomer …

Philadelphia Inquirer, Oct 3, 2010, by David Patrick Stearns



We have had many celebrated executants in London in this Chopin anniversary year -- Zimerman, Pollini and Yundi Li among them -- but none has taken my breath away quite like Fialkowska. If you have the chance to hear her, cancel all other appointments.

The Evening Standard (London), May 28th, 2010, by Barry Millington



It was not until I heard her play live, however, that I realised quite how extraordinary she is.

The Guardian (London), May 28th, 2010, by Guy Dammann



...she's back now and more characterful than ever ... wrap your ears around the real thing ... this is high-class Chopin playing, deeply felt and demonstrably authentic ... her technique is fearless ... her warm and intimate tone, so unlike the bangers and crashers of the competition circuit

The Lebrecht Report, Dec. 16th, 2009, by Norman Lebrecht



Fialkowska plays Chopin with a warmth, poetry, and detail of phrasing that is disappointingly rare today; she places her gifts at the composer's feet

THE NEW YORKER online Dec 14, 2009, by Russell Platt



Fialkowska has become an artist of rare distinction as well as retaining all the virtuosity of her youth.

La Presse, Montreal, February 13, 2009



Few pianists play with the kind of self assuredness and effortless virtuosity of Janina Fialkowska. Her musicality and technical mastery is superb and her pianism outstanding.

Edward Reichel, Salt Lake City, 9 Feb. 2012



with her hands and her soul Janina Fialkowska created unique wonders . It´s a critics’ cliché-phrase that she deeply “enchanted” her audience, but in this case it’s actually justified …

Allgäuer Zeitung (Germany), April 17, 2012 by Markus Noichl