Feature articles

International Piano (London), July 2016 “Music of my life”
SchlossMagazin, July 2016, by Renate Baumiller
Ottawa Citizen, July 28, 2016, by Peter Robb
Augsburger Allgemeine, May 7, 2016, by Stefan Dosch
PianoNews, 3/2016, by Hans-Dieter Grünfeld
FonoForum (Germany), Sept. 2013, by Janina Fialkowska
Musik&Theater (Zurich, Switzerland), Sept. 2013, by Kai Luehrs-Kaiser
Muzyka 21 (Warsaw), Sept. 2013, by Kazik Jędrzejczak,
BBC Music Magazine, Sept. 2013, by Helen Wallace
Hi-Fi Muzyka, Jan 2012, by Maciej Łukasz Gołębiowski
La Stampa (Milan, Rome), April 12, 2013 by Claudio Gallo
Financial Times (London), Jan. 11, 2013, by Andrew Clark
The Times (London), Jan. 3, 2013, by Emma Pomfret
Classical Music Magazine (London), January 2013, by Jessica Duchen Cover story
CLASSaktuell, 2011/Nr.3, Germany, by Peter Hofmann
Pianist (London) Dec. 2010 /Jan. 2011, by Tim Stein, Cover story
Piano News (Germany), Nov./Dec. 2010, by Hans-Dieter Grünefeld
Rondo (Germany), September 2010, by Michael Wersin
FonoForum (Germany), July 2010, by Mario-Felix Vogt
BBC Music Magazine, August 2010, by Rebecca Franks
Classical Music Magazine (London), May 2010, by Nina Large
PianoNews (Germany), 2009 Nr. 6, by Carsten Dürer
Boston Globe, oct. 7, 2007, by Jane Wulff
Ottawa Citizen, May 15, 2008, by Steven Mazey
The Daily Telegraph (London), April 17, 2006, by Elizabeth Grice
Sueddeutsche Zeitung (Munich), November 16, 2006, by Helmut Mauró
Maclean’s, October 4, 2004, by John Intini
in LaScena Musicale, Vol.9, Nr.8, May 2004, by Tamara Bernstein, Cover Story
Piano Journal No.81, Winter 2006, by Malcolm Troup, Cover Story